PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0

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This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Do you know if it is possible to output the RSS feed to an HTML table so that it is not a one column list but a two or three column list?

Very good, it took me ages searching to find understandable solutions to the problems solved in these pages. Clear and to the point.


A great article. It really helped me understand the basics of XML-parsing in php.

Thanks alot!

Really good article! This helped me greatly. Thanks!

Very good! Thank you.

Great article - got me parsing XML docs extremely quickly. Disappointingly, though, there’s no coverage of attributes - just elements and content.

Correction - there is some brief (3 lines) coverage of attributes - missed it first time round. In fairness that was enough to understand the usage.

Vary Good

Great article. First one that broke it all down. Most others just briefly go over different aspects of it as if you already know what they’re talking about.

How does this differ when it comes to different versions of RSS? Any inputs on that?

Excellent article. Exactly what I was looking for!

nice article. way to contrast it with an OOP example. what about constrasting it with non-php, scripting options (javascript).

A great article - exactly what I needed. In addition, could anyone tell me how to limit the number of items that are displayed. For example, if I wanted to list just the latest three items from a feed that has 25 items listed, how would I tell the parser to stop at 3?



Woa, it’s really what i’m looking for. Thank you so much!

This is just what I needed thanks!
But is there a way to just process the first 5 items or so?

Neat script, but can anyone tell me how I could adapt it to check multiple RSS feeds?

I’m a newbie in php programming but I thought this article terrific! Congrats!

one of the best tutorials i have ever read.
with comments in almost every line of code which helps you understand exactly the meaning of the code and not assuming what this code does…

Thanx a lot!keep up the good work

The code works great except for generating a depreciated call which can be corrected by changing these two lines:

<code>$rss_parser = new RSSParser();
xml_set_object($xml_parser,&$rss_parser); </code>

to this:

<code>$rss_parser = &new RSSParser();
xml_set_object($xml_parser,$rss_parser); </code>