PHP and .NET which one you prefer and why?

PHP and .NET both are known for designing. But what will you prefer and why? Which one has great scope for freshers?

I would prefer PHP because it is open source.

You prefer PHP because it is open source? Why? Are you contributing back to the PHP group new source code and patches? I seriously doubt that. It could be completely closed source and I doubt you or anyone else would care. The only people who actually care would be those that actually contribute to it.

Now…to the original question. .NET is not a language, you cannot compare PHP to .NET. You would need to compare PHP to C# or VB or some other programming language. But .NET is a framework not a language. In the end, doesn’t matter what languages one picks they all share the same logic, what one learns is syntax.

Commence another flame war…

They’re not the same, but IMO they are comparable to each other. Both are a means to the same end.

Also generally PHP is used with a framework or a platform anyway.

@OP, this is like asking do you prefer android or ios, on an android forum. You’ll get one sided arguments.

You’re best bet is to research and dabble in both then make your own conclusion.

It would be best to learn C or Java before diving into PHP or ASP. Learning C or Java will give you enough of a foundation that you should be able to pick up the basics for all languages quickly, though mastering them is another story. Before learning PHP I learned Java. I don’t think I would be anywhere near as good with any programming if It had not been for spending time with Java before moving to all the other stuff. That said PHP is a very specific focus – web. Where as, java and C are used in many other contexts such as; desktop application and embedded systems. It all depends on what you want to end up doing. If all you ever want to be is a web developer than maybe starting with PHP would be alright. Though I highly recommend spending time with Java or C before touching PHP just to learn some programming fundamentals. If nothing else it will make you better all-around programmer than merely “PHP Developer” who can’t do anything but PHP. It is somewhat essential to have an understanding of the programming fundamentals considering PHP will only be around for so long before something else comes along. The transition from language to another can be difficult but you will be much better prepared understanding the concepts embodying all programming than merely a language.

I use both depending on the scope and needs of the project I’m working on. In all honesty, they are very similar when it comes to functionality and features… The only thing I will say is that when it comes to webhosting, Linux + PHP is often a lot easier and cheaper than Windows hosting…

I don’t prefer one over the other… I think it’s healthy for developers to explore as many frameworks and languages as they can, to guarantee the best possible solution in the end, whether it’s commercially for a client or just for their own giggles.


I prefer using C# because it is object orientated. Right now I am building a softphone according to a guide ( The programming language is C# with .NET Framework 4.0 and for the development environment Visual Studio 2010. Later on maybe I will try PHP as well.