While I was interpretation the PHP manual on database security the recent past, it said that you should by no means connect to the database as the super user but rather as one more user with more limited options.
My question is:
How do you generate new users and set access levels for them in MySQL?

Secondly, if a website does not offer PHP Admin, how can I use a database I created in phpMyAdmin on my PC for that website?

Thank in Advance

If your website is being hosted remotely, chances are you cant create new users - you’re already a user with limited options, as the hosting company (if they’ve got a brain) will not have given you superuser access.
If you’re running it yourself, take a look at the MySQL documentation pages for Adding a User and the [URL=“”]GRANT syntax.

If the website doesnt have a web interface for their database, presumably you’re doing it at the CLI level; this would be covered as running commands from a batch file. (export your local database to a SQL file, and upload that to the server for use)