PHP and HTML "link no follow"

<a hrel="..." <rel="nofollow>"...</a>
is this a right way to make a nofollow link in html ?

how about PHP ?
can someone help me link nofollow in PHP
thx all

Hi mobigohieu welcome to the forum

While it is true that PHP can output HTML, including links, you will need to understand HTML a bit better first.

“rel” is an attribute, not an element.

You have an extraneous opening bracket in your link. It should be:

<a href="..." rel="nofollow">link<a>

PHP is often used to create HTML, so the result it creates is exactly the same.
How the php creates it really depends upon the source data you have to work with. Presumably there are variables or conditions involved somewhere, otherwise there would be no need to use php.

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