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I am looking for a script that creates a random string, an image (or uses one), and Ajax to prevalidate result) before submitting to back end server for captcha.

I have looked through a couple o fb search engines but a lot of them do not do the “soft test” or presubmission prior to submitting to back engine on form submission.

Any suggestions on code bundles I could integrate into my site?

i’m confused about what you want.

Why would you ‘prevalidate’ a captcha?

The idea of captcha is to prevent automated submission by using an unautomatable process (reproducing a code visually displayed, clicking on pictures with a certain feature, etc).

I also wonder about the “soft test” part of it, but sometimes on a site using recaptcha, I see that it opens the window but then ticks the box itself without asking me to try to decide which boxes have street signs in them, or some such thing. So that begs the question, why not use google recaptcha?

Hi I just wanted to run an ajax test before form submisiion. I was thinking if Jquery onblur.function

Hope that is more clear. Is that not done or unsafe?

I could not find one so was / am in process of modifying a captcha code base I found myself.

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