PHP AI Chat Bot

I am trying to put together some gizmo that will act as a rudimentary AI and reply to your messages with relevant answers, just like a human would. The script will be presented as a chat box on the website and communicate with surfer, based on the surfer input inside that chat box. The script will also parse weather/news/prices/etc. info, stuff that I already figured out. Now, what I am looking for is some simple code that will handle the regular chat, like:

-how are you?
-fine, thanks. and you?


-what’s up?

I don’t need anything fancy or uber-intelligent, just something to entertain, since the main purpose of the chat box will be the weather/news/prices/etc. parsing actually. Something like ElizaTalk, for those who were coding back ago.

There is an implementation of A.L.I.C.E. [url=]in PHP, although I’ve never used it. You can also use the [url=]Pandorabots API. A.L.I.C.E. is pretty dumb though.

Thanks, I’ll give that ALICE thing a try, at first glance the other one seems to require a purchase, which I am not quite willing to invest for this gizmo.

It doesn’t really matter much if it is a dumb or intelligent script, I am basically looking for something to give me a head start. If the replies offered by the script are awful I will just log all interactions and questions it receives, make a top to see which are most common and expand the capabilities on those.

You can use Pandorabots for free. I’ve used it before, but only for non-commercial purposes. I don’t know what the situation is if you want to use it commercially, or if the volume of requests is high. Signing up and trying it out is free though. Pandorabots uses A.L.I.C.E. too, by the way.

I guess I would fall into commercial purposes, the other side of the bot will reply with call to action links; the AI part will only be called when the surfer query doesn’t match a product/service I am selling, including hi/bye sentences.
I didn’t have time to throughly dig into the code behind that ALICE thing yet, since the previous post. If it doesn’t prove itself useful/capable enough for my little task, I will probably contact the padorabot owner for info on how my usage relates to his free/commercial terms.