PHP 5 - thread safe or not?


I’m working through Kevin Yank’s book on Database Driven websites using MySQL and PHP and I don’t know whether to download the thread safe or non-thread safe zip package for 5.2.13

Can anyone help? Please bear in mind that I’m a complete novice at the technical stuff.


Difference between PHP thread safe and non thread safe binaries

Thank you. I’ve just realised what else I ought to have said in the initial post.

I’m running Apache not IIS.

I did read that article, but as I’m not using IIS, it hasn’t helped me to work out which version I need.

As you’re not using IIS, it matters not which one you use.

Windows uses a multi threaded architecture as opposed to the multi proccess architecture of Linux and Unix. The problem this has when using PHP on IIS in CGI mode is that it makes it very slow

Wonderful. Thank you!

When using PHP in CGI/FastCGI mode use non-thread-safe.
When using PHP in a module (Apache Module, ISAPI module) thread-safe.

For PHP 5.3 but the information is almost universal for PHP.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

See also Kevin’s updates on this page for installation:

Just after the 4th ed release, there were changes in how php could be downloaded from their site.