Photostore CMS


I have a client that has asked me to set-up a store that allows him to sell photo’s online. He would like a CMS that automatically applies watermarks to all images that are uploaded and integrated with Google Checkout.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what CMS I could use for this?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.


There are no to many solutions so don’t expect to much.

My opinion it that is the best solution. All other ideas can produce more pain then Ktools option.

Also, I saw a few OsCommerce modules for selling downloadable products but they are not worth mentioning…

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to install this app on every webhost (there are some restrictions on Godaddy for example)… See their hosting list with user comments…

If you consider Drupal there are modules that indicate that they will add watermarks.

something like

Looks pretty good to me. Although, if possible I would prefer something that is OpenSource. I much prefer working with free/opensource tools as they tend to have a better community behind them.