Photoshop: Wrap image around cylinder?

Has anyone had luck “wrapping” an image around a cylinder from Photoshop? I’m sure 3d Transform can do it, but I’ve had difficulty getting good results.

I’m essentially trying to create the illusion of wrapping a photo around a ‘can’ of sorts.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions!


Hi Paul,

This effect can be achieved through a bit of transform and effective use of gradients over your label.

I have done something similar a while ago and it worked out quite realistic;)

The appropriate method used will be based on the angle the can is sitting on in reference to the viewer’s eye.

Do you have a sample image of this can?

create a layer over top of the image you want to wrap around the cylinder
use a black big soft brush over edges of cylinder then chg color to white paint inside edges of black chg to soft or hardlight blend mode lower opicatcy.

check out my site that’s how i did the can

Here, try this technique:

This is the complete method to this effect.

Actually, my whole ‘can’ thing was purely for the sake of explaining my ultimate goal.

What I’m actually doing is taking a panoramic image, and I want to illustrate the wrap effect used by a Virtual Tour.

Does this open up some new possibilities?

Another tutorial covering this technique…
here! :slight_smile: