Photoshop Transparency Issue

I am trying to make one image transparent. see the gif image here →

But right-hand side hair and the right-hand side ear is not getting covered. can you please help me how to include those left sections.

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Using the same tool “Quick Selection Tool” do the same as you did, then Press ALT and click the right side area to re-select. Notice that when you press ALT the tool will change from + to - sign. Also keep in mind that the size of the tool (adjust with [ and ] signs) plays a role in how accurate is the selection.

A better way of selecting the subject is by using the Pen Tool for most accuracy. Draw a line around the subject, once finished right-click and Make Selection.

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It worked and a great learning for me for the day. Thanks.

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Or you can choose the Select & Mask function If you’ve CC to select it perfectly. See one of my best practice through this tool.

Another way to go through your approach. I mean I want to use the same tool that you tried, but before applying the tool I just want to make the image pixel a bit dark to make the difference from its background.

See the image below. Here you should convert your image as Smart Object.

Now see here the quick selection tool is going to select the full image.

So inverse it and copy via Ctrl+J

Don’t worry it is not your targeted image, It is your Path. Now select it and go to the original image layer, hide the levels and inverse to select the outside of the original image, finally delete the background via Eraser Tool

Final Result


For me personally, I wouldn’t do it all in one go. I’d do them in parts so that if I ever screw up, I can CTRL+Z to undo my mistakes. And if you CTRL+Z too far back, at least you’ll have half of it transparent instead of still full white background.

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When I do this kind of thing I always apply a layer mask rather than the eraser or clearing a selection.
That way you don’t the parts of the image you are making transparent, you are just masking them. So if you make any mistakes, you can simply add those parts back in with whatever tool after swapping you foreground colour from black to white.


How do you do that sir? Can you please guide.

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