Photoshop selection ->modify->contract?


here’s the prob:

  1. I select the whole layer on a blank layer…(with rect. marquee)
  2. I go to modify selection and the “Contract” option isn’t available !!!

if the selection isn’t the full layer size it works fine!

this also worked fine in photoshop 5.5

I am now using Photoshop 6.

what am i doing wrong?

The only option that should be available is border because photoshop requires some lead space and doesn’t allow any modifications which may push the marquee area outside the canvas.

Solution? Make your marquee a touch smaller.

That’s anoying isn’t it? I don’t know what version of Photoshop you’re running but I was running 5.5 and am now running 6.0

5.5 had the nice option you could Numeric Transform the selection and images. So I used that to solve your problem, but I simply disappeared in 6.0 =(

6 is a bit weird - has some very nice features, like editable text and layer-folders, but a few bugs as well…

I would really like to know how to solve this, in my opinion, problem in Adobe Photoshop 6.0 =\

It’s pretty anoying sometimes and I would have to guess where the exact center is for my selection, and I am not THAT good :wink:

Well, if you’re looking for the exact center of your image it should really be fairly easy… Let me open photoshop just to check…

  1. First, convert the piece your working with to a layer (double click layer, hit enter).
  2. Make sure the rulers are visible
  3. Click and drag from the ruler towards the center (a little blue line (guideline) will appear following your cursor).
  4. When you get near the center it “snaps” to the exact center of your image.
  5. Do this for both axes (horizontal and vertical)
  6. Select the marquee tool you want
  7. Click and drag outwards from the X (marks the spot ;)) while holding ALT
  8. You now have what you’re looking for, hopefully?

A really easy way to get around this would go like so:

  1. Select All (CTRL + A) or draw the selection of the entire layer.

  2. Press the down arrow and the right arrow. This will move the selection down and to the left by one pixel each. Then you can use the Contract and Expand functions.

Stupid to have to do it this way, but cest la vie.

Much shorter, thanx creole, I hadn’t thought of that :wink:

Hopefully all this helps him L

Here is an action for v6 that will place rulers exactly in the middle of your canvas.

50% from the top
50% from the left.

Hehe, I really hate using actions, so no that’s a real no no for me =)

Thanks for the tip creole, that’s a cleaver trick you got there :wink:

Jmulder…:looko: :smash:

Actions are our friends.

Repeat after me.

Actions are our friends!

Are there any things that you do in Photoshop that are repetitive? Don’t lie, I know there are. If so, then you need actions. When you add into the equation that you can assign an action to an F key (as well as the SHIFT and CTRL modifiers) then actions become indispensible. Here is a list of some of the actions that I use and the key they are assigned to.

F2 - Crop (ALl I have to do is create a rectangular selection and press F2)

F3 - Stroke (All I have to have is a selection of any shape and press F3. I have it set to allow me to specify the width of the stroke)

F4 - Make a Transparent GIF (This is a custom action that is about 6 steps in length. It Indexes the image, takes me to the Gif89a export dialog box. Then I select the transparent colors, it saves the file and then REVERTS to the history state just before I indexed it.

F5 - Expand Selection (all I do is specify the number of pixels)

F6 - Contract Selection (all I do is specify the number of pixels)

F7 - Gaussian Blur (I specify the amount of Blur)

Are you following me so far? You can have ANY NUMBER of actions and you have 33 available F key slots taht are simply waiting to get an Action of their very own.

AND, if you have a large repetitive job (resizing a bunch of images, switching it’s mode, saving then closing) you can run a batch job whereby you select all the files you want it to apply to, where you want it to save and which action(s) you want applied and in what order.

This is amazing… I mean, I work in an organization where we are forever doing membership badges so to be able to just specify a directory and walk away for 10 minutes (after backing up that directory of course) is indispensable.

Actions are our friends

Rephrases: I don’t like to download actions :smiley:

I create actions too, but when you download an action you dont have control on the specific parts of the actions, that’s what I meant =)

snif sob
Looks at head, you made it all wierd Creole! lol =)

Studiococo: Yeah, I used those images things before, but specifying directory and name? Hmm…=)

You can specify directories, but not names in a Photoshop action. It can only keep the file name the same or add “copy” to the end of the file name. That is one of the things that I HATE about Photoshop actions. I need to be able to tell images what their NEW names are (after being processed).

What I would LOVE to see in the next version is the ability to feed it some images and have it name each one according to my specifications. For example:

I give it:


then tell it to use “pets” as the base file name and _ as the seperator then number them sequentially. The result would be:

pets_01.jpg (formerly dog.jpg)
pets_02.jpg (formerly cat.jpg)
pets_03.jpg (formerly hamster.jpg)

Also if I wanted to make thumbnails I could tell it to have an ending part of the file name as well. I give it these files:

pets_01.jpg (formerly dog.jpg)
pets_02.jpg (formerly cat.jpg)
pets_03.jpg (formerly hamster.jpg)

and my final result would be:

pets_01_thumb.jpg (part of the action converts it to 150x150)
pets_02_thumb.jpg (formerly cat.jpg)
pets_03_thumb.jpg (formerly hamster.jpg)

Wouldn’t that be RAD? I would use the HELL out of something like that. It would be even better if you could tell it what number to start with. One of my clients already has about 150 images on their site that are aclready number sequentially up to 150. It would be fantastic if I could tell it to start with 151.

Coco…you think 10 minutes is long? I used to work for the Books-a-million internet division. We would get some CD’s that contained over 2000 images. I had to process them.

I loved Photoshop at that job. I had an action that resized the image then saved it as a JPG, then resized again and save as a GIF, resize again, save as GIF. My final result was 5 images at sizes between 400px wide (or tall) and 58px wide (or tall). I would point the action at a folder containing 2000 images and go home. I used to walk around the office telling people “I’m working right now, what are you doing?”.

Well creole, you could try one of them file renaming utilities after Photoshop does its thing.

I’ve last used LupasRename when I needed to do something like this.

I know that’s great creole and your idea would be RAD indeed =)

I run a racing website and everytime a new car is released I have to resize the image, put a watermark, save it as JPG with a b (b from bigger version) in front of it, then delete the watermark and resize it and make a border.

Currently I use an action to do this but still need to enter the filename and filetype.

But talking about the directory, how come Photoshop usually points to the directory (when launching the Save console) to the directory the original image is located?

I got some questions for ya creole about those actions :wink:

Because that is where the original image is located. Actions run most efficiently when you have all the images you want to batch in one directory.

Ask away my friend.

Well, let’s take as example making a Gaussian Blur action, it would be usefull if it asked me how much I wanted to Blur it when starting the action right? Well, how?