Photoshop Rectangle sizes

1-I would like to know how can I expand a rectangle box after I draw it.when I try it moves I can’t make it larger/smaller.

2-is there a place where I can key in pixel numbers like 600px width to specify rectangle box’s width?

1 - Either with Transform tool or by nudging a part of it (Transform tool can cause blurred edges with raster objects)
2 - There’s a pull-down menu at the top toolbar, just right of the Custom Shape Tool - if you open this menu, there’s a “Fixed Size” option.
Another way to achieve it is by filling a selection with required dimensions (which can also be set entered into the fields at the top toolbar when using a Marquee selection tool).

thank you

on the version i have there is a button on the tool bar when th rectangel tool is picked where you can pick the little dropdown arrow next to it and inter a fixed size in pixels.