Photoshop Problems

Hello …

I am new to Photoshop, I have used Fireworks most of my Career but am realizing that Photoshop is a much powerful tool (no laughing).

But I am having one major issue in making the change from FF to PS.

I like to enter in shape information numerically be it location or dimensions. So I have a square that is 35px by 35px … I try to change it to 40px and even though I enter it it goes to 39 or 41 … what is going on … this is driving me banana’s!

Some one please help … Thanks


Also … is there a way to see the shapes information (x/y location and dimensions) when it is selected?

Also part 2 … is there a way have the x/y location of an object default to the top left?


What were you using FW for? FW is great for website prototyping! FW is better than PS in alot areas, some you have learned already.

  1. Im not sure I understand the first question. FW is much easier to use when changing the size of an object. If you’re trying to change the image size of something in PS, make sure “Constrain Proportions” is checked. This will make sure the aspect ratio stays the same.

  2. Info pallet is a useful tool to use for many different purposes. Check it out. It will show you x/y, w/h, rgb, cymk, color-dept, ect. All these pallets can be customized to fit your needs.

  3. I dont believe there is. FW has a great snaping feature. PS has one too, just not a good. You can find snap options under the “tools” menu.

Id strongly advise getting a book on PS. It is a huge program, with a million tools and features. I’m still learning…