Photoshop - Poor quality image while editing

Why are my current files that are being edited as PSD’s such poor quality compared to after I “Save for Web?”

I just noticed this tonight and have no clue why it is doing this. I was following along with a tutorial to create a website layout through Photoshop. While applying my gradients to the header I noticed sever banding on the image. I’ve played around with every setting, rebooted the PC and nothing. Once I choose to “Save for Web” it shows the true look and textures.

I have even saved the current Photoshop PSD and opened it in Fireworks and Fireworks loaded the image the way it was supposed to be. So, something is telling me I screwed up a Photoshop setting?!?!

Any ideas?

Still looking for some help…

I just tried out CTRL+SHIFT+ALT while starting Photoshop to do a master reset of all settings and this did not help. Could it be my graphics card?? While gaming and the use of Fireworks I don’t see a problem.

Can you show us the files? before and after.

I will do that later tonight when I get back home.

Uploaded a few pics to imageshack to show you all what I am trying to describe…

First photo is the PSD file that I am creating a layout in

Second photo is the preview of the same file to be saved

What you need to look at is the gradient at the very top. Notice how it is banded while I am trying to work on it. Very poorly rendered and it isn’t smooth compared to the second photo which is rendered properly and my gradient is smooth.


are you sure you’re working with RGB color and at least 8bits/Channel ?

Yes I am.

[/QUOTE]To add to this:

I have tried using 16bits/Channel and other color settings. All have produced the same end result. This is bugging me terribly.

can you post your saving settings?

My works network blocks imageshack, so i cant see the images :frowning:

mjkovis, I googled it for you and came up with many threads having discussions on this topic.

Could you be more specific as to my “save settings” that you want me to post? The problem doesn’t really lie within saving the file, it is the actual workspace itself I am trying to correct.

Thank you for the threads and article on this, but I had actually already seen a few of those and tried those solutions. Nothing has helped… If you cannot see the pics I would be more than happy to email them to you.

mjkovis, thank you for the images. That is very strange behavior indeed. I did some playing around with changing the profiles ( edit menu - assign profile ). If these get changed, for whatever reason, banding effects are visible. I believe the default should be “Working RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1”. Other then that Im stumped. I’d go to an adobe photoshop forum.

I’ve played with the profiles after this started… Still nothing changes. Only other thing I can do as of now is just to reinstall PS CS3 and/or visit Adobe’s forums.

Thanks for all the help! If anyone still has any insight, please feel free to post it here.

Just reinstalled Photoshop… Still the same thing.

And it all looks good in FW? Yeah, id be over at kicking and screaming. Im eager to learn what caused the issue when you learn what it was.

I’m going to post something on their forums shortly. If it doesn’t get answered I’m calling their support line. I will keep this thread posted.