Photoshop - pixel per inch?

Hi just wondering if anyon can help me with this…

My client wants me to make their logo 300 pixel per inch so that they can put it on address labels and stamps. I have it created in photoshop but not sure what they mean by pixel per inch? I thought pixels and inches were units of measurement in photoshop but they’re not the same.

Can anyone clarify?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

well yes on screen “inches” are sort of irrelevant.

But here is an example.

Say they want a 2 inch by 2 inch logo at 300dpi.
That means your file must be 600x600 pixels… get it?

so for 300 pixel per inch, that means my logo should be 300 pixels in width right? :slight_smile:

well if its going to be 1 inch when printed, then yes.

You might want to think about using a Vector Based program such as illustrator. That will make it much easier to resize your designs as needed.

Are you sure they weren’t saying 300dpi referring to the resolution it needed to be at? It’s highly unusual for most average clients to request things in pixels…guess it depends on the type of client though.

Emphasis on the word PER
There are somany pixels per inch.
This numbe varies, the standard for screen is 72.
300 would be good for print.