PHOTOSHOP: is there a way to select the "difference" between 2 layers?

I have 2 layers, each are exactly the same exept for one has a small difference, I know to isolate this differnce I can switch on of the layer’s blending modes to “difference” which shows me the difference between the 2 layers. but can I get a selection of the difference?


I’d copy the result of “difference” layer combo to a separate layer and make a black&white mask from it to use in Quick Mask mode for extracting that different part.

If I understand you correctly, this should work:

-Select both layers and drag them to the new layer button. This will make a copy of both layers.

-Merge the two copied layers.

-Select the merged layer and use the wand to select the difference.

-Do what ever it is that you want to do to the difference on another new layer and delete the merged copies.

There might be an easier way, but this doesn’t take very long and you will be able to select the difference. Hope that helps you.

Thank you

can you eleborate a little bit on this part?

As the “difference” layer mix resulting layer will contain some color elements, you will have to simplify it to plain white silhouette using channels, wand, levels and other tools you feel comfortable with. There are various techniques on turning a part of the photo into a mask, and selecting the right one would depend on the particular image.
Can you post (a part of) your image - maybe just the “difference” part?