Photoshop - Hex instead of RGB

When you right click a layer / element in the layer in Photoshop, and you click “Copy CSS”…any color (background color, etc) is in RGB format. If I want to find out the hex of it, I need to go to an RGB to Hex converter online. Is there a way to format the CSS coming out of there as hex? Ideally I want to stop going to the online converter.

I don’t know the function you’re talking about, but I usually just sample the color with the eye dropper, then get the hex from the color editor. Which is in a little text box at the bottom right.

This is the closest online I’ve seen to the Photoshop color picker.

There might be a better, way… but that’s how I do it.

If you want the RGB, that’ there too. 222, 117, 24 on this one.


Oh that’s great. I mean about the color picker in the left menu. I can do that and it selects the color, then I can open it up to see the hex…thanks!

Is there a particular reason why you need to convert to hex rather than simply using the supplied rgb value?

There is, but probably not a good enough reason for you / everyone else here :slight_smile: .


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