Photoshop Help Needed: Text is underlined

I’ve run into a quandry with Photoshop 6 (6.0.1):

Whenever I use the Type Tool, no matter what font is selected, it always is underlined. I have not been able to find any option/selector/etc to turn this off. This started about a week ago and I have not been able to stop it.

Any ideas?


This should not happen, try reinstalling PhotoShop, or reset the settings


strange… have you tried resetting the type tool?
(select the text tool, on the toolbar at the top right click on the large T and select reset tool)

Thanks you two! Reseting the type tool worked worked (slapping self on forhead).

The underline setting can be found in the little menu (popup) at the top right of the character palette.

It sounds as though you may have accidentally selected underlining. As a result all subsequent use of the type tool would have had underlining.

Rather than resetting all your tools (and killing any settings you may have set), simply toggle the underline setting by (re)selecting it from within the menu I mentioned.