Photoshop error message?


I was working on a project in photoshop when all of a sudden it’s telling me:

Could not use move tool because the target channel is hidden.

It wont let me move anything or change anything.

Now I don’t even have the channels menu open and the eye icon is on every layer. So I’m confused as to what I may have done and how to I undo it. I tryed pressing back in the undo key, but it didn’ t help. Anyone have any ideas??

Jodi :0)

try opening up the channels menu to see whats going on. maybe you selected a single channel inadvertantly by using a keystroke.

I did open up the channels, all the eye icons are there as well. I found it will let me, at least move and edit and particular layer, but I have tohave the channels window open and select all the channels first then move or edit. It’s weird I’ve never had this happen before and I don’t deal with the channels window all that much.

Try this:
Windows >> Channels you will see a layer in the channels palette called Quick Mask. remove it!

I mean the problem may be due to selecting ‘Edit in Quick Mask Mode’ tool, you have to work in the ‘Standard Mode’

Hope this is it :slight_smile:

/\— I’m sure it is…I tried duplicating his problem and I got the same error.
sasquash, do you have any layer masks in the channels view? If you do, you can either delete them, or hide them in the channels view, then go back to layers view and click on the layer thumbnail that you want to move, then try moving it with move tool. You probably had a layer mask on the layer you were trying to manipulate for this error to come up.

Hey you guys rock. This is it :slight_smile: I just had the same problem and deleting that weird channel in the channel palette helped. Merci Dark Tranquility and greetings to Montpellier :wink:

Thanks. This was the info I needed. Received a file from someone and kept getting this error when I tried editing.