Photoshop elements

hey all!
Can anyone please tell me the difference between adobe Photoshop and Photoshop element?

It’s kind of like the difference between a standard model automobile and the turbo charged model. Photoshop Elements is a scaled down version of Ps, and thus a lot cheaper. Ps has a ton of features that most people will never, ever use, so unless you are really into graphics work in a big way, you are probably better off with Elements, as even it has a ton of features that most people would never use.

If you are trying to decide betwixt the two, first work out what you need to do and then check with the list of Elements features. It would be a shame to fork out the $$$ for Elements and then find that it was missing something you needed. (I’m not sure if you can upgrade from one to the other, but I suspect you still lose some money in between).

thanks Ralph!
I am so so grateful for your concerned reply :slight_smile: and because of people like you i love to ask queries on forums.