Photoshop document solution needed

I design a job in rgb format and I want it in in cmyk format cos i ll b printed wit printing machine without any change in appearance cos I ve shown d customer

I’m not an expert in Photoshop, so I don’t know if this will change the appearance slightly, but don’t you just go into image > mode, deselect RGB, select CMYK and then resave the Photoshop document?

I don’t believe you’ll be able to simply use CMYK jpg images instead of RGB on the web site. I know at least some version of IE, maybe all of them, don’t display CMYK images. An alternative would be to have the CMYK images as well as RGB on the web site and do a media query specific to printing, swapping in all the CMYK images.

OP says they want to print it which is the reason for wanting the image CMYK

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Yes gandalf

If you want the image to be both viewed and printed from a web page how about something like this?

  • have the image be a container’s background-image
  • @screen-css background-image: “/web-image”
  • @print-css background-image: “/print-image”


<div class="myimage"><img src="web-image" width="200" height="100" ><div>

I think web pages are a red herring here. As I read the question, it has to do with print design only, and how to change the colour format.

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