Photoshop CS5 / Macintosh Legacy Color Profile (on PC) Anyone

I received an image from a graphic artist who uses a mac, when I open the image in Photoshop it’s in Macintosh Legacy (No Color Management) profile setting. It looks great.

But no matter what I do, Save or Save for Web just will not save in with that color profile, it reverts back to monitor color or whatever.

Does anyone know anything about this at all?

I’ve tried all sorts of things & settings, but it doesn’t appear fixable.


Have you been able to save it in another native format ie .psd?

Once it is a native format it should play happily like any other file. You can apply a colour profile by going to the Edit Menu>Assign Profile>Profile. Select what you want from drop down box and OK. Click Save As… Make sure the checkbox under Colour is ticked to ‘Embed Colour Profile’. Save.

Next you need to check your PS options. With all documents closed go to Edit Menu>Colour Settings look under the Colour Management Policies to check if PS is overriding an embedded document profile. Options are to ignore, override or use the documents embedded profile. Photoshop can be set various ways to simplify colour management across multiple documents with various embedded or missing profiles.

Hope this helps.