Photoshop CS4 batch place images

Hi all,

If anyone could help me before I throw my PC out of the window, that would be fantastic.

I’ve done this before but for the life of me, I can’t get it right now.

  • I have an image with a cool background.
  • I have over 300 logos, all the same size (smaller than the background image) that fits bang in the middle of the background.
  • I want to create a batch/action in photoshop which ‘places’ the logos inside the background image.
  • The batch feature saves the images so I can grab them.

This is should be very easy but I’m missing something!

Any help is great.


I don’t understand why you were not able to create a new action for that!? Just start new action (start recording) do the task once then stop the action and then open the other files and just play the action!..

you could also use the batch command using that same action (recorded as per Dark Tranq) and apply it to a whole folder of images. I tend to create a ‘From’ and ‘To’ folder rather than Saving the files to the same folder. This means if you need to tweak the batch command you aren’t dealing with a messy source folder with lots of half baked images you don’t want.