Photoshop CS2 - Batch Processing


I have a folder with 100 photos. I want to watermark them all with my logo. Is there a way I an do this in Photoshop CS2?

Please give deatials.
Thanks! :smiley:

There is a nice tutorial for Photoshop batch file processing:

That one is written for resizing the images, but the general rules are explained, so You should be able to write Your action for watemarking.

As Arthur pointed out this is a tutorial for resizing images, but once you grasp the Actions panel (very easy), you can apply it’s functionality to all sorts of batch work.

I’m experimenting with this at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm… But it IS possible to watermark a bunch of pics though?

yes it is possible, and quite simple once you figure it out. Read the tutorial learn it and you will NEVER forget it.

Jeez, don’t give me yet another reason for me to think about making the switch. I’m so tempted. :frowning:

Haha, yeah…Automator is just plain incredible. It’s save me a ridiculous amount of time on doing batch processing.