Photoshop crashing


i had a file to create which needed to be 400cm x 70cm

everytime i tried to add a graphic onto the canvas it would crash my photoshop

im using a 32bit version on vista with a 2.4ghz dualcore prcessor and 3gb ram

what sort of spec should be able to handle this sort of file?

The adobe support forums for photoshop are full of good troubleshooting advice too. If your problem is reproducible and the suggested simple measures don’t work, I’d head there and search or ask around. Chances are that you aren’t the first to have your particular problem.

You can also give Windows more virtual memory as well.

Sounds like reasonable specs to me. It is not often that I have to create files with those dimensions but it happens sometimes and never had such problems.

Which Photoshop are you using and did you experience this before?

Did you try to change the scratch disk to a different hard drive? And you can also try to set the cache level higher