Photoshop - color correction

Hi. I have a photo of a beach scene (see attached) in which a phrase has been written in the sand. unfortunately, it is a little hard to read so I’d like to enhance that area a little.

I don’t have much experience using photoshop for these purposes but I know there are a ton of tools in the image -> adjust menu that could probably do the trick.

Can anyone suggest a tutorial or maybe some of the operations in that Image -> Adjust menu that I can read up on in order to make that writing in the sand more readable?


Try using the Burn tool and an appropriate size brush to make the darker areas stand out more and use the Dodge tool to lighten the areas in between the letter voids.

I attached an example that took about 20 seconds to do. It’s not great but if you take your time, and vary your brush sizes, you’ll come out with something decent (realistic) looking. Remember to keep the burn tool to the darker side of the groove.

Hope this helps.

awesome. thanks!

You can use the burn tool as it darkens the area then also can try to have a color layer adjustments from edit menu.

The other thing you could do is clean up any of the messy sand using the clone tool. Sand, grass etc are easy to touch up as they have small repetitive components. Be careful not to over do it though or you will lose the reality of anyone who has tried to write in the sand. There’s an amount you can get away with to improve readability before destroying the effect you are after.