Photoshop Batch Processing Question

I’m just learning how to batch process images in Photoshop and have a few questions. I have a series of maps in various folders (Africa, Eurasia, etc.), which I want to do a simple color replacement on. I opened a .png image from my Africa folder, created a new layer, and pasted in a copy of the image. Then I performed an Image > Adjustments > Replace Color operation, followed by Image > Adjustements > Saturation Hue.

Next, I saved the image with its existing file name except that I gave it a .gif extension.

Then I tried to batch process all the images in my South America folder. I chose a source folder and destination folder, clicked “Override Action ‘Save As’ Commands,” and left File Naming set to its default (Document Name + extension.

I thought each image would be automatically modified and saved into its destination folder with a new extension. For example, Brazil.png should become Brazil.gif.

But, if I understand what’s going on, each image instead wants to follow the exact path of the sample image I processed while creating an Action sequence. I think I named that image lb.gif and pasted it into my Africa folder. So when I batch processed my South America folder, Brazil.png, Argentina.png, etc. were all saved as lb.gif into my Africa folder.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Also, is there a way to set batch processing so that modified images remain in their home folder? For example, an image at images/South_America/Brazil.png would be modified and saved to images/South_America/Brazil.gif.


Or to put it another way, I’ve now figured out how to batch process a folder filled with images so that, when the process is finished, every image in that folder has been modified and is open, waiting to be saved for the web.

I’d like to add one final step that automatically saves each image as a .gif file, then closes the original. At the bottom of the Batch window, under File Naming, are six input forms arranged in pairs. I left the first one set on its default, “Document Name.” It’s followed by a +, and the box across from it is labeled “extension” by default. So I clicked the down arrow, but I didn’t find .gif listed.

So I typed in “.gif” and clicked OK, but I got an error message:

“You must specify an extension for the output file(s).”

Isn’t that what I just did?

If I leave it set on Document Name + “extension”, then when I start batch processing the images, it wants to save them as Photoshop files. I don’t get it.

I’m afraid not. That area is the naming convention section. “Document name” + “extension” means in this case that your output files would retain their original name, followed only by the new extension. It doesn’t mean you can set the extension from there. Th extension, AFAIK, has to be set in the action if you want it to be different than the input extension.