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Here is how new customers get treated with PhotonVPS

Hi, after signing up my account I never received the confirmation phone call and my account status says fraud...

Here is my information:

Order Number: **********
Name: John *******
Phone: ***-***-****

Thank you

IP Address: 71.212.**.**
Jimmy Lu
Staff	09/18/2011 23:23

We do not allow proxy sign ups.

Jimmy Lu
Director of Operations

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John *******
Client	09/19/2011 00:13

Hi, what exactly do you mean by proxy signups? I did not sign up through a proxy. I'm currently located in Washington state even though my billing information says Maine..My main web developer is also accessing this account with my permission. 

You have all of my contact information to verify this is not a fraudulent purchase. 

If i need to go somewhere else for hassle-free service let me know.

Jimmy Lu
Staff	09/19/2011 00:16

You'll need to go somewhere else.

Jimmy Lu
Director of Operations

Most major hosts now employ automated fraud detection systems that evaluate an applicant based on various criteria. Hosting is a competitive market often with slim margins, where employee time is at a premium, so it’s not uncommon for hosts to err on the side of caution when indicators show a transaction as high risk. You shouldn’t take it personally; it’s business.

If the risk score is high enough, the company may consider it safer to not accept an order. An eventual chargeback can cost them some $25, aand getting too many of them could effectively put them out of business. This is why some providers don’t accept orders from certain countries, at all.

Anyway, there are plenty of hosts out there. I’m sure you’ll find a replacement.

As other’s have mentioned, we do not allow proxy sign ups and it’s safer for us to decline your order than risk a chargeback down the line.

Good luck on your new provider.

Ok, for the CUSTOMERS reading this. Do some research and you will find that the PhotonVPS owner is a member of

Thats red flag #1

Do some more research and you will find that there have been a crapload of complaints against the owner also.

Thats red flag #2

If your intelligent enough to make your own logical decisions and not follow the advice of these members who replied above(Who i guarantee receive commission on the sales of the crappy PhotonVPS service). You will understand that PhotonVPS is a crap service.

Oh yea, I did find an alternative, that wasnt a problem at all. I just had to bring attention to this piece of crap host.

Also, this CEO could have easily called up the phone number on the CC and verified the sale.

The REAL reason why he did not want to provide service was because I was an affiliate and also used a coupon, so therefor the revenue for the sale was too low. Thats why they say “We dont allow proxy signups” the ***** CEO didnt wanto payout the affiliate money(which i dont care about, its the principle of the fact).

BUT, why would the stupid owner even put coupons out there and an affiliate program if he couldnt handle the consequences? This is obviously a very low IQ’d business owner.

I dont care about buying the service, I care that my time was wasted.

If an admin will please change the title of this thread to “PhotonVPS review” to “PhotonVPS review(they suck)”


  1. We’re not a member of, in fact I’ve never heard of this site in my life. If our clients choose to abuse our services they’ll be terminated immediately without any refunds issued.

  2. We have many active clients who are in fact very happy with our services. If you choose to use a proxy to sign up for our services you’ll be turned away as we do not allow proxy/vpn sign ups.

If you believe your order was denied due to an affiliate issues, we pay out our top affiliates over $500/month. We even provide them with coupons/promotional details that we have on a regular basis.

You’re free to sign up with our service without using a proxy.

This isn’t (as stated in the forum rules) the place for childish flaming. You’ve had your say, and photonVPS have had a chance to respond. Thread closed.