You should adjust the contrast of the images or the saturation before posting. Use a straightforward image editing package such as for simple edits (it’s free from So on the home page the image on the left is flat due to lack of contrast and saturation while the one on the right is better as these have been adjusted.

Process your images from the original, not progressive proccessing, saves and then more processing, repeating a lot using the saved image and degrading the image quality at every stage. IE experiment with contrast, then saturation, then do it all in one go and save once. Just don’t overdo it.

Oh, and save edited images with a different name, so that the original is always available, perhaps even in a different folder. I usually add -a, -b, -c etc to the original name.

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So those two images my sister took so they aren’t my photography - She has done a great job - and she did all the photography for my main pages. However MY photography is what is added onto actual blog posts, and you will be able to see a HUGE difference since hers are from pure talent and mine aren’t!

It depends on the event. If we go somewhere (just family and/or friends), I do shoots by myself. In case we have a wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc. I prefer hiring a professional.