Photography web site gets cropped :-)

Hi :slight_smile:

On my home page Ive noticed on other sized monitors the footer hides part of the text as if obscurring it, is this something to due with text overlay hidden?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul problem solved :slight_smile:


You have a fixed footer so it will always overlap content that reaches the fold (if thatโ€™s the problem you meant :)).

You need to add some padding bottom to the last element on the page so that you can scroll the text into view above the footer.


    <p [B]style="padding-bottom:40px"[/B]>Call David Honan today on 077520 28747 / 01904 410 142 and get your wedding photographer booked for 2010 and 2011.</p>

(inline styles for example only - use a class)

That will allow the scrollbar to scroll further and you can scroll the text up so that it can be read above the footer.

I also notice you have this:

#footer {
 position: fixed;
 left: 0;
 bottom: 0;
[B] width: 100&#37;;[/B]
 border-top: 1px dotted #AAAAAA;
 background-color: #747170;
 color: white;
[B] margin-left: 3%;[/B]
 font-family: Georgia, serif;
 z-index: 50;

100% + 3 % = 103% which is always going to be too big :slight_smile: Reduce the width to 97%