Photography specific web design - downloading templates

I was searching for some photography specific web templates downloads.
And the results are very less.

A lot of templates available for preview and downloads are based on generic things, that contain a lot of texts, headers, colors and blocks. But it is really hard to find out those dedicated to photography. I mean some templates that can be used by a photographer instantly. They would really contain less things, few decorations of thumbnails and preview the larger photos.

Probably the web needs these kinds of design templates as well :-).

And, you may share some of your lucky links to photography templates here.

If you are happy to use WordPress, there are tons of themes for photography portfolios out there. I just Googled “photography porfolio theme wordpress” and found lots of results.

Have a look at some of those links and see if you find anything useful. Otherwise, it’s not hard to set up a simple site from scratch with galleries on it. :slight_smile:

You can check this link if you want to try Joomla templates. Defroso portfolio is my personal favorite template from Joomla.

Just Google photographic themes for portfolio it ll show various sites. For more info if you search in Blogs you ll get a descriptive suggestions.

Some really cool designs you can find at this website: did you look there?