Photography Lighting Kit


I was wondering what someone with more experience in photography then me think about this kit on Ebay:

I mostly need it for product shots, size of chairs and up.




[FONT=“Georgia”]Wow, man. That’s a fully loaded kit for $400 ?!

My first thought is always, “What’s wrong with it?” but then I’m also paranoid about buying things on eBay.

All I can guess for why it’d be so cheap is if the lights themselves aren’t super powerful. That might not matter too much, if all you’re doing is product stuff (where the lights wil be close to the product, and you aren’t shooting quickly so recycle time doesn’t matter so much).

The good thing is that you could in future buy better lights and reuse the accessories.

Can you get any more detailed specs of the equiptment? A brand-name at least?

For me, I’d stick to bhphotovideo or Amazon for my purchases.


These cheaper kits are normally Chinese imports and often pretty good. Some are exactly the same as the bowens kits just re-branded.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I have a “strobist” kit.

Four flashguns (collected over time), a lightstand, a tripod which doubles as a lightstand, and an umbrella.

I’ve been able to do a lot with that set up, and for a fraction of the price of a studio kit. The slow recycle time is a pain when photographing people though, and I’ve had to carry up my ISO so I could use a lower power to get more speed.

Mostly I shoot inanimate objects though, and they don’t mind a lag between shots.


This is trickier than it used to be due to the fact many of the manufacturers of branded equipment are selling that same lighting equipment under a house brand. With importing and the global market making sourcing these things much easier there are lots of these kits hitting the market that are actually decent quality. The hard part is doing the research to distinguish between rebranded quality gear and the cheaper imitations.

The seller has a decent sale count and a high +ve feedback. They give an unconditional 7 day guarantee. If you have the cash for the kit but not the budget to go branded the worst case scenario you get it don’t like it and send it back, you’re out a bit of courier fee.

Interestingly the kits at the link Shaun put up look pretty similar apart from have 2 heads rather than 3. If you are doing product photography on inanimate objects then you don’t need to be nearly as concerned as if you are doing something like portrait photography. And believe me anything is better than nothing (which I get stuck with all the time).

For smaller objects, you can go for this one:

  • a plastic white box that softens the light.
  • 2 empty toilet rolls to put the box on
  • 2 lamps
  • a blank white paper
  • a tripod to put in front of that studio

Glue the paper to the top back of the box so it curls down as you see on the image.
You don’t have a corner on the background, no shades, …

The kit I purchased from ebay was pretty decent. A good lighting tripod costs about 300$, this whole kit cost 400$.

Good starter kit.

Good starter kit idea. $400 is quite cheap in the first place. Make sure all works or get a refund.

Yeah it all seems to work fine so far. The quality isn’t as good as the pro kits, but that is expected. Also, not sure at this point where to get the bulbs.