Photography Audio-Visual Guidelines

Some websites best tell their tale in picture. Even those that are text driven, often use photo galleries that picture locations, products, services, or employees to add interest to their text. Photography Audio-Visual is focused on helping you find the best ways to use photos on your website.

Discuss camera types, lenses, and lighting – anything you need to take a great photo.

As webs become more and more interactive, how to embed Audio-Visual media becomes more and more important. Share your ideas, techniques, and strategies here or use this forum to ask your Audio-Visual questions.

Although we won’t allow you to post a photo gallery here, we do have several Photo Challenge threads. If your photos fit into our photo challenges we’d love to see them!

Photography Audio-Visual also hosts a monthly Photo Challenge. If your photos fit into the topic for the month, we’d love to have you enter! Each challenge ends with a one-week poll where our members select their favorite photo. The photographer that gets the most votes in the poll wins their choice from our library of SitePoint eBooks.

In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by the content team.

Other than that, you may post a photo or photos to illustrate a photographic technique or point (such as the rule of thirds). Just make sure you post the text with it as well so people know why you are posting a photo.

Please remember that this is the Content Area of SitePoint. If your question is about programming, please post it in the appropriate forum. You’ll find a list of those in the Program Your Site area of Site Point. If your question or comment is about image design or photo manipulation, rather than photos for content, please post it in the Design Your Site area of Site Point in the Graphic Design section.