Photo shoot and trip?

I need your professional opinion. I designed a website for an architecture firm. They want to know how much I would charge to take photos of their latest homes along with web updates. However, the trip for the photo shoots are 50 minutes away. And the tolls really add up.
Would you do this photo job? If so, how much do you think I should charge for it?
I appreciate your feedback.

Figure in the cost of tolls, plus mileage ($0.565/mile is the current federal rate), and that should give you a good idea of your travel expenses.

As for the photos themselves, do you already have a standard rate for those (or per session/project)?

It depends what do they want you to do with the photos? Are they going to be presented in some kind o a brochure? Also, how many photos do they want you to do per house?

I think I agree with Force Flow. You should take note first your expenses. Your travel expenses, food and electricity during the post processing of the photos (I assume you shoot raw).

Sorry for the late thank you. Thanks for your replies.

If it matters, there’s been a change in the federal milage rate since you last posted. It’s been reduced half a cent.,-Medical-and-Moving-Announced

Of course you should do it. Our client - our boss. As long as you`re paid for it.