Photo management platform

I’m looking for a photo management platform that enables me to create albums for specific clients. That is, I would create an album and associate a login to that same album so that only that login would be able to see and download those photos.

Is there any good platforms out there that do something like this already, or would I have to develop it from scratch?

I am not aware of how to do what you have asked so i am eagerly waiting for anyone to please comment and share your views about it.


I’ve heard some people like zen photo ( but i haven’t used it myself so don’t have any specific comments. I’ve been thinking of changing one of my wordpress sites that deal heavily with videos to something like this so I might give it a go and see what happens.

Good luck!

Have a look at Gallery

It’s specifically meant to manage photos.

There’s also Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Hi there,

I am also looking for a platform to showcase my art work, but after seeing the above example (thanks) I think I would be best served by using WP and WP pages and a WP plug-in or adding a javascript lightbox etc to the page.

Thanks Dave