Photo effect

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to get this photo effect for profile pictures?

Any help would be awesome, thanks

How were you going to do it - online or on your PC?

Basicaly you just need the photo of the person on a transparent background and the text on a transparent background and stick the two together.
In this case there are three layers - The photo, the barcode and the text.

Search for composite photo tutorial.

I was actually looking for some tutorials of the effect that is on the photo itself, not the magazine layout. It’s a cool effect, probably mostly the lighting when shot, and layer modes/channel tweaks or color adjustments in Photoshop, but not sure how they got that look. It has almost a subtle, illustration look to it.

It looks to be a “zombie” effect in Photoshop. I usually just do G. Blur at 6.9 on a second layer then do “Darken” under the layer blending options.

This is just a photo editing stuffs, you need a pictures then remove the background using pen tool, then just play the effect for selective color to adjust the color of the skin to achieve the same effect of your sample… good luck!

Awesome, I will try that, thanks. I wasn’t sure if there was some specialty filter applied. Thanks!