PhD or IT manager at large hospital?

Hi. :slight_smile:

I am in the position to choose between two jobs. one of them is an IT manager at large hospital in the same area where I live. The other is a lecturer at University which is located in another area in the same country. The people in the university have promised me that they will send me to do my PhD in Computer Science one day while I am working at the university.

I don’t know which one should I choose, Which one do you think is the best option? :confused:

When I have to choose between two or more important decisions, I ask myself which of them is more important to me.

I hope this will help you. :cool:

I think that the lecturer position is the best option.

There are 2 options: academy or commercial field. These 2 are vary and you have to re-consider which line you prefer the most. When you are at academy line, you are staying in the research base of study. When you are at the commercial line, you are staying in the challenging world expecially IT is the fast changing field.

To me, I’ll choose commercial field because I can go back to academy line at anytime.

I think it really depends on what you want the most.

Lecturer at University means more free time; IT manager at a large probably means more money.

My bf had kinda the same experience twice, and everytime, he went for free time over money!

As for myself, I always envy ppl working at schools as they have lots of holidays! I could really use a long, lazy holiday now… However, I always have this idea that I could always try working at a school in the future if I have enough professional experience in one field. But if I go teach at a university now, it will be more difficult for me to try other fields outside of the school. So I’d go for the commercial one for now.

Not a choice I’d like to be in. I’d want a third option - creating a business.

But if you want my personal opinion, academy especially in the IT field is always lagging. So if you want to study and teach technologies from the past decade or constantly struggle against the bureaucracy, choose the academy. If you want real life experience, choose the commercial world.

Although it depends on what kind of hospital it is. Is it a public or a private one? Because if it’s a public hospital, then like with all government institutions, chances are there will be more bureaucracy and work with technologies from the past decade than real cutting edge work. In that case the academy might be a better option because then you’d at least get a chance at PhD.

Ask yourself:

Do I want to sit behind a computer a lot?

Do I want to teach young minds?

Which job would give me more money?

Which job will being me more satisfaction?

Is earning money better than that satisfaction?

Which job am I best skilled for?

Which job has more room to grow and advance in pay grade?

Which job will last longer?

Can I retire with either job?

Do you like to answer lots of questions by those not skilled in your field or study?

Are you an effective leader and work well in a team?