PhD degree in Web Design?

is there a university in Europe where I can get a PhD degree in Web Design or I have to sign up for a Multimedia program which includes web design?

PhD in Web Design…? Is their seriously a Doctor of Web Design?

I don’t think one exists my friend. Not in PhD form anyway!

lol I dont think there is any php degree in web design.

I dont think so that there is any Degree

If any such than there are lots of who are waiting for this and till now we get to know many doctors. And till now I have also not heard any such degree.

crazy guys if you get one

I have also never listen about Phd. degree in Web Designing.

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I’m gonna start a school that offers it…for a limited time the cost is only $300 and any page built with a WYSIWYG of your choosing! Hurry, you can’t afford to miss it.

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Here in Denmark I’m not even sure you can get a Master of Web Design, since it’s not the universities that offer Web Design courses, but schools that are more like College.

You can though get a Doctorate in Art & Design, and specialize in Multimedia & Web Design.

I don’t think you know what a PhD is!

Mine was on The Synthesis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Some Difluorophosphino-nitrogen Compounds.

You CAN get a PhD in something like usability engineering of course. (A friend’s girl friend is finishing hers just now)

But first you need a first degree - have you got one of them? I’ve got two first degrees, want to borrow one?
Chemistry or computing, your choice.

I have a friend who has an honorary PhD. I’m currently encouraging her to adopt “Trust me. I’m a doctor.” as her personal catch phrase. It’d be a good website tagline. The world’s only PhD in web design. :slight_smile: