Phantom files

Hi all – I’m trying to figure out why my server (running Plesk) seems to have some phantom files or miscalculated space.

Plesk says the server size is 7.2 GB (that I’m using), of which 2 GB is httpdocs (the public site) and 1.3 GB logs and statistics.

There aren’t any big backups hanging out anywhere, and I’m run a command line to show files larger than 50mb, of which there are 5-6.

Where would these phantom files be living on the server? It’s pretty much an out-of-the-box MediaTemple DV server, with no big customizations or anything.

Thanks. Jason


That 7.2GB will most likely include all your OS files as well, not to mention mail spools etc.

If you want a full breakdown run something like this as root:

cd /
du -cm | sort -k 1 -n | tee /tmp/dirsize.log

That’ll print out (in ascending order) the largest sized directories, it’ll also log it to /tmp/dirsize.log file for you as well to browse through - it may take some time to run.


I would guess 3-4GB taken by the OS itself, and plesk will certainly take some space as well. I’m not sure myself what exactly Plesk measures when it takes a reading of disk space but my guess would be the OS and what not.