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Hi, I’m new and no next to nothing but a fast learner. Basically I need some direction.
I need to keep up to date on cattle and grain prices, weather and various other agricultural industry topics and news items. I want to have one web page that displays charts, prices, weather map etc etc that are sourced live from other websites.
Do I create a webpage for this? Or should I embed in excel? I need to access this on a tablet.
Also if it’s a webpage do I use wordpress or something else???
Some handy hints would be appreciated.
Many thanks,

It depends where you are getting your information and how they let you access it. See if you are able to pull a ‘widget’ of some sort from any sites with that data. Then search for ‘wordpress plugin grain prices’ starting with specific items and narrowing down to something allowing you to enter and store the non specific data in a way you need. If you can’t find anything for wordpress, look for other system’s plugins or straight php scripts.

What I usually do in this situation is see what is available to me, play with the options a bit and make a flowchart of those components.

Thanks very much for your reply Micah and suggestions.
It’s greatly appreciated

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