Personal vs business facebook page

What is the big difference between a personnel and business page in Facebook? I market to locals for part time income tax business and I use my Personnel page. I may change my middle name to TaxMan. People know me by my name. I am focusing on adding Friends. Next I will share tax cartoons and tax articles links.

Any advise would be appreciated.

A personal account is just that–an account for one individual.

A facebook page (for a business, product, organization, band, etc) can be “liked”, customized in certain ways, have access to some analytics tools, and have access to facebook’s advertising system.


When I use add a Friend tab and check the local city t box, is there a way to have it come out in alphabetical order ?

Personal account is for the individual only and if you are using facebook for your business purpose than you should create a page in the name of your company or by your name (you said people know you by the name) in the company page their is option of “Invite Friends to Like this Page” so you can use it connect with your customers and friends.

You have tools and important statistic data, that are not available if you create a personal account. Also, have in mind that personal accounts allow a maximum of 5,000 friends. The business pages have no such limit.