Personal Projects At Work

Simple question. If I was to work on a personal project while on the clock at my 9-5, would my employer have any sort of rights to demand money off an application I’ve released?

Potentially. Many employeers have agreements that govern product created work, or even on their equipment. And if what you create is related or even similar to something you did for work it gets even harder to seperate the two.

If you were the employer, how would you feel about your staff working on personal projects during your time?

simple answer: yes, because your employer owns that app

For me, before I quit my “day job”, I also worked on employer projects at home, and some often my research was done at work, but it also benefited the company. I’d have to say that if someone looked over my shoulder and asked me what I was doing, I could give them a good explanation that what I was doing served the company, yet often it moved me toward getting my own business started too. I did a great job with my employers website and took it to #1 earning them lots of money. I worked from home too with both seo and design work. For those reasons and more, I had a good relationship with my employer, both during my employment and even after I left when they became one of my first customers.

You should really talk to your employer if you have any concerns on your personal projects.

The only time anything you do at work belongs to you and not your employer is where they specifically give you permission to do your own work on their premises.

I have to agree, if you were doing it in your own time (off the hours) then you would be rightfully entitled to the app and it’s earnings, however when you use company time, company resources and company employees (yourself), it belongs entirely to the company unless they explicitly give you permission or time for personal projects (as some businesses do). Ask your boss rather than us, see what they have to say… who knows, you might get given the OK! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses guys! This question is one part curiosity two parts looking for reasons to procrastinate at work! I’ll keep my nose to the grindstone.