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Just a quick questions for you guys that have your own websites to present yourself and your services.

Is it better for the website to have a kind of personal feel, with my bio etc. or should it be more aimed on my ‘brand’ where basically I am not mentioning myself anywhere and refer to my services in plural? (we provide… )

I’ve seen both, but I am not sure what’s better. I am now working on a redesign of my site. Previously I didn’t include anything about myself, but I was sort of lacking content - only had the actual portfolio / work references and a list of services I offer. I’d like to have it a bit more complex and professional this time… I’ve seen a lot of freelancers / designers have their site quite personal.

What do you think ?

I would hire a professional (i.e. person) and not a brand.

The more I know about you the better.

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That’s kind of my thinking… so in terms of credibility, I should go with the more personal approach then I guess.

Who says these are mutually exclusive?

Yes, you do want to build a brand. Look what brands do for: Coca-Cola, Apple, BMW, Gap, etc.

At the same time, if you want my dollar, do be like: Coca-Cola, Apple, BMW, and Gap. (They are large, cold, heartless corporations that exist to screw people out of their money.)

I am coming to you because I want your expertise and I’d like to also be my personal adviser.

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