Permissions issue when trying to access site on different drive - Apache/ WIN


I’m trying to set up a site on a separate drive from the Apache install, but I get a permissions error when I try to access it. I.e. I have some sites and Apache on c:\ but want this site on e:\.

I’ve put an entry into httpd-vhosts.conf that points to the site. I presume there’s something else I need to consider but not sure what…

Check what user the apache service is running under and make sure said user has access to the folder.


I’ve been through that with XP and Win7 (very different due to the add’l “security” within W7).

On the assumption that you’re using Vista or Win7, DO NOT install anything (but MySQL) in the Program Files directory. In fact, I created a drive partition (W:\ … for “web”, get it?) and have Apache and PHP installed there. That makes Apache’s conf files easily editable (without having to resort to “Run As Administrator”). The thing that gets left behind is the hosts file (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) which you must use “Run as Admin” to edit (to add the localhost test domain).