Perl/Tk - where is @INC?

I’m trying to get into Perl/Tk.

The demo programs fail with an error message which says they can’t find the libraries in @INC. The files they’re looking for (eg: are present, but I need to find whatever file is pointed to by @INC to insert the proper folder.

INC is not defined in the environment.

Any suggestions?

perl -V

should tell you where it is looking.
you can specify more directories using -I

$ perl --help

Usage: perl [switches] [--] [programfile] [arguments]
  -Idirectory       specify @INC/#include directory (several -I's allowed)

Thanks Jurn - That must be pretty arcane knowledge, since you’re the only one who knew it out of the 56 people who looked at the question. LOL!

Unfortunately I now find that the problem isn’t with the paths in @INC, but that Active Perl doesn’t HAVE Tk, but has Tkx instead, which is why it couldn’t find the Tk methods.