Performing Client-Side Timer

Hi guys, how am I be able to perform a client-side timer, in which I’ll be using time the time of the server. I am currently using an Ajax-Timer but it does a postback.

I would suggest just using a normal javascript timer.

var timer = setTimeout(‘methodtorun();’, 3000);

then after 3 seconds methodtorun() will be executed. In there do an ajax post to a page. and then put the above line again without the var. So:

timer = setTimeout(‘methodtorun();’, 3000);

Then to remove the timer: clearTimeout(timer);

Okey, so I made it in this way, I placed an Ajax timer control, and then dragged an update panel. Inside the update panel, I placed a label control and the I coded one line of statement and it works. I’m just irritated with the way the time display, the browser always keep on refreshing.
Is this fine or I have to re-work on it? Please give me an idea.