Percentage of type of Backlinks

Do % of type of backlinks matter. My website has a huge number of edu links and less amount of normal .com links. Does this matters?

My site is currently penalized.I have resolved all the known major issues related to penguin and panda but now struck with the high % of .edu backlinks to my website. Guidance required.

If you’ve been advised that your site has been penalised, does the message not give you an indication of where the problem lies and what you need to do to resolve it?

If links from .edu sites are particularly relevant to your site, then it will not matter that you have more of them than others; you have relevant incoming links, which is what matters.

If these links are the result of a misguided link-building strategy, based on the myth that .edu links are, of themselves, more valuable, then they will look unnatural - as they are.

Thanks TechnoBear . No one has advised me I myself is a learning SEO guy. Seems I need not worry about .edu links as they are relevant. I need to look for other problems pertaining to penalty.

Is your site doing any product sales? Or commercial in nature? Usually, information sites are less likely to get penalized.

What kind of website do you have? Google usually tell you what the issues are, and the backlinks themselves aren’t usually the issue - it’s the quality of the ones you have.

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