People leaving at the checkout page on my website

I have a website ecommerce store and, when I check google analytics I can see that on most days I get around 700 Visitors to my website per day and around 10 people going to the checkout page, but only 3 of those 10 people actually finish with the checkout. Does you know reasons why this could be? Thanks for the help.

Can people buy multiple things?

Just speaking from what I personally do, I use the shopping cart to total up things, including shipping, and never really intend to buy them (at least not that day). I would say 30% actually checking out is probably pretty good.

I agree with mawburn. This is shopping cart abandonment. But what most experts would tell you is to tweak and test the heck out of your checkout pages to improve your conversions. This can help to a degree, but like mawburn, I think that many people never intended to purchase in the first place. They’re just using the shopping cart to get cost totals. When I’m doing this on an eCommerce site, no amount of conversion rate optimization is going to get me to make that purchase.

30% completing orders doesn’t sound too bad to me.

Apart from what’s previously been mentioned it’s worth looking at your checkout:

  1. Do you force people to register an account? (this puts a lot of people off)
  2. Are your shipping fees perceived as too high?
  3. Is your checkout overly complicated?
  4. Are there too many distractions on the checkout pages?

You actually need to grow you sales and fix the CTA (Call-to-Action). Your problem is not on the check out, because if you have 700 visitors per day and just 1% is going to check out. I guess your bounce rate is double than normal.

(A) that you doen’t know enough about what prospect want

(B) you’re doing a poor job of explaining your offer

(C) visitors don’t trust you that’s why the conversion is so low

(D) you are bringing in visitors who aren’t looking to buy

(E) your site has usability problems