PDFLib loading with PHP script

Is possible create a PHP script, to make a PDF, where the extension PDFLib is loading with the script PHP and not in “PHP.ini”?
I d’ont have access to modify de “PHP.ini”.


Sure, you can load extension dynamically.
take a look here:

But only when dl() is enabled, which it most certainly is not on most shared hosting :wink:

There’s an alternative solution: Possibly try using FPDF. I actually preferred it over using PDFLib. The syntax is different but imo it’s better.

Once you start going down that path, you might want to consider using TCPDF instead of FPDF: the syntax is pretty much the same, but there’s more functionality, plus it can actually handle UTF8.

Where I can download the file “pdf.so”?
Is this the extension, isn’t it?

Yes. You generally don’t download an extension - You install it through the operating system. It sounds like that isn’t an option for you.

Fair enough, I may try using that next time and see what it’s like.