PDF to MOBI conversion problem

I have a problem of converting Hebrew PDF files to a format which I can read on my Kindle HD. When I convert the pdf to .mobi , the font letters are shown correctly and not like a weird script or something, what ‘s wrong with my conversion job? Could you help me solve this problem? Thanks very much!

insted of using a conversion software you can use apps to read prf file in your kindle hd

I never tried with Hebrew or any other language… although I have used foreign symbols in some of the documentation I had to do. The thing is that that I always use Word (or similar) to write the text, but then I import it to InDesign (or similar) to do the final touches and fits on the pages… These softwares are able to convert to ePub or Mobi, among other formats, and I never had a problem.

Obviously, InDesign is expensive but I’m sure that there’s a similar software that can do the same job. I can’t suggest any beause, for this kind of jobs, I always used InDesign, Illustrator (if it is a flyer or similar) or QuarkXpress